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La Falda is located in the center of the Punilla Valley.

And National Route 38 joins us Córdoba Capital, a meeting place for most domestic routes that cross the center of our country.

Those who come from the North, East and South of Argentina do so on the various routes to Cordoba Capital; example Routes 9 North, Route 19, Route 8 and Route 35 to name the most important.

Different is for those who come from the West, as National Route 14, known as High Peaks Trail, will take you to Villa Carlos Paz and thence by National Route 38 to La Falda.

Closing the range of routes, tourists arriving from the Northwest, National Route 38 is forced access, direct to La Falda.

See our maps annexed to know all the ways to get there.

Perón 780 - Villa Edén
La Falda - Sierras de Córdoba

Phone: (03548) 15569304

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