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The options you have when staying at our cabins are vast and varied: spas, cuisine, adventure tourism, rest areas, theme parks, shopping areas, theaters, festivals and nightlife..

The northern area includes localities Punilla Valley where each offers their particular proposal with a well-defined profile, all within a circuit of 30 km long. Capilla del Monte delivered adventure and nature at its Cerro Uritorco, levees drawer and Alazanes, Ongamira Caves and ride the clods. La Cumbre offers distinction and exclusivity in your golf club, renowned residences, museums and a high level gastronomy. Los Cocos is the Balcony of Punilla and summarizes its tourism profile in the Park The Descano, the traditional maze and chairlift. Villa Giardino, Garden of Punilla, is tranquility and rest, spas, tours, exhibitions of craftsmen, hiking and excursions.

In the southern area Punilla Valley and a drive along the National Road 38 from Valle Hermoso we travel to Villa Carlos Paz. Valle Hermoso is separated from the skirt down a street and form the same village, a seaside resort on the island, Ferns and Cascade Natural Reserve Vaquerías the distinguished regional supply. Follow Cosquín and National Folk Festival, the Sugar Loaf Aerosilla and rivers. Each of the smaller towns has its tourist proposal: Santa Maria, Bialet Massé and Tanti. Finally in Villa Carlos Paz is a visitor and musical theater, casino, food of all kinds, pedestrian areas, hiking through the mountains and Lake San Roque.

Cordoba Capital is 65 km away from La Falda, National Road first and then by Freeway. Reaching it is going through the Punilla Valley to meet this city of 1,350,000 inhabitants that has everything you may require as proposed tourism and services. Commercial areas and shopping centers, pedestrian areas for those who enjoy them, streets and avenues circuits, museums and exhibitions for those who enjoy cultural activities, sports events in open environments and indoors, food services of all kinds, from the typically Cordoba to international.

In most tourist circuits of length, for those who like to travel and see new places, departing from the skirt can be reached by various means to other valleys in the province. Traslasierra is the region of Mina Clavero, Villa de las Rosas, Nono, San Javier and Brochero; synonymous with mountains, beaches, nights outdoors, fishing and hiking. Calamuchita region is the sum ranges and lakes as Dike Reservoir and Los Molinos. Villa General Belgrano, Santa Rosa, Villa Berne and Cumbrecita give the region a European feel in their landscapes. Alta Gracia is Paravachasca center. The Observatory, the Sierras Hotel, Jesuit history in the city, his Party of Communities and Golf Club. And a special circuit: all Jesuit stays spread through the province.

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